Wealthy Affiliate First hand Review

Review of Wealthy Affiliates through my own personal experience

My wealthy affiliate review is based on the first-hand experience. Here I will break down into headings in my journey to being a digital entrepreneur in particular relation to wealthy affiliate.

Other wealthy affiliate reviews.

I am sure you may have come across other wealthy affiliate reviews. What makes it different here is I have been a member for more than a year, purely using their educational materials on the side whilst I gathered a face to face education as well. Some of the other face to face training I will be sharing with you on this website.

Why Wealthy Affiliates.

I was attracted to wealthy affiliates in my search for an online business. I started out without any website building experience apart from the thought to use drag and drop websites. For me, the urgent urge to learn came when I set up my own business and a friend charged me £800 to get my website running. I thought I will be owning a few of these what will be the best way to reduce my cost. Also, not all businesses are profitable, but you won’t know unless you test the market. If I become a developer, I could do it myself so I did. I read a review like this about wealthy affiliates and decided to try it.

Wealthy Affiliates in comparison with other providers

What wealthy affiliate offers:

Very easy to get help from Wealthy Affiliates

I have been on other platforms, I am not here to review other similar platforms but to inform you to make the right decision about wealthy affiliates. This is the one place where members are willing to help free of charge. Wealthy affiliates encourage and acknowledge members who help. The help you get is also current. The comparison between wealthy affiliates and other platforms are most videos I have come across were made years ago. Even where videos are made recent you have no one to turn to if you encounter a problem. Unless you are fortunate enough to go on an expensive coaching program.

Contacting Wealthy Affiliate Owners

At wealthy affiliates, you have access to the owners of the wealthy affiliates platform. You can contact the owners of Wealthy Affiliates (Kyle and Carson)  in any relation to any online business question you have. Apart from you as a member contacting the owners of wealthy Affiliates, they also make contact when they feel there is an important update they need to share. One recent one was a week ago when Kyle made contact with all member to train interested parties to make a success of wealthy affiliates. It is taken for granted to be part of the wealthy affiliate community but the membership is more than 1m. It is not a small membership business.

Wealthy Affiliate live Chat

You can not have enough of live chat with wealthy affiliates community. Members of wealthy affiliates emanate from around the world residing in diverse time zones. There are activities on Wealthy Affiliates 24/7. If you are stuck on an issue you are guaranteed to get help as soon as. As a member, you will get to know who the helpers are and who you are likely to bond with. I do get members emailing privately for help and I will do the same if you decide to be a member.

Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training

When it comes to online business, wealthy affiliates have all the resources to get you set up. The beauty of wealthy affiliates is, it doesn’t end there. As an entrepreneur, it won’t make business sense if they didn’t provide updates and unique information for members to keep their membership. Wealthy affiliates also have live training almost every week. At the time of writing, there was a scheduled live training on local business marketing. This will be the fourth training in the series. During the training, members can ask questions on the wealthy affiliates platform. Wealthy Affiliates training videos also have step by step guide to enable copy and pause in your own time.

Wealthy affiliate education also offers the following: 300 hours of expert education. 50 Lessons Online Entrepreneur Certification 1,000’s of training modules 12 Classrooms Evolving Daily Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training Own Authority WA Blog that gets ranked

Cheat Sheet Statistics

Wealthy Affiliates provide the software and login details to access all the software needed to build a website. What is the process of owning a website?Free Website Builder Software.

Best domain register

Wealthy Affiliate domain register is one of the best to easy because of how easy it is. This is very handy if you are new to website building software. Lack of understanding of how the domain register work can put people off. How a domain name works are, it is like leasing a plot of land. Every land has some address. You can either lease the domain name for a year or two. At the end of the expiry date, the domain name will have to be renewed else you will lose it. Wealthy Affiliate domain register software gives the option to automatically renew the domain name when it is nearing expiry date or will notify you a couple weeks before expiry.

Cheap Website Hosting

When it comes to wealthy affiliates, the fact that I can get all the software under one roof. Apart from the domain name which is not inclusive of the premium membership all the other services are inclusive in other words you get free website hosting. Why do you have to host your website? Following from the story of leasing the land from the domain registration. Hosting the website is the equivalent of putting up a building on the property. However, when it comes to the website, there are charges for hosting the website by other providers. On top of this, you are entitled to host 25 websites with a domain that you can buy from other providers of buy from Wealthy Affiliates. You can also host an extra 25 websites on their own. That is a domain name with a .xxx.com.

Free Domain Email

Included in the subscription of Wealthy Affiliate is unlimited email addresses. You can set up as many emails that you want per domain on Wealthy Affiliates, without any restriction. This is also a great feature that

Option to try wealthy affiliates for free

You can try Wealthy Affiliate before you decide whether you want it or not. It gives you the ability to try and test most of the resources on site in order to decide of it for you. Try by clicking on right here for your free membership.

Access to Fress Keyword Research tool

Wealthy Affiliate offers its members two types of keyword research tools. They are both easy to use. A particular one called Jaxxy is the most sophisticated. It is very good in doing niche research. It also tells you what keyword is great to use and keywords without loads of competition. So far the assumption has been you know what a keyword is. Keywords are particular words that are used in articles (content) that helps the article rank well on a search page like google. The keywords are the search words people search for when they go to google. keywords are used in Search Engine Optimization to help rank on the first page of the search websites like Google.


To sell online and collect payment via your website you need an encrypted website. At Wealthy Affiliates, this is also inclusive of the premium and all 25 domains will automatically have an over 256-bit encryption.There is also a site spam blocker software prevent spammers from your website.

The Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program

This is the interesting bit about Wealthy Affiliates. To be honest, when I first joined Wealthy Affiliates I thought they were an MLM company because I am not a fun of such business, I have nothing against them and neither have I tried the model before but it’s just not my cup of tea. To me the education and web hosting alone are worth the money. However, at wealthy Affiliates, you are given the opportunity to make your money back and that is really cool. the concept is really simple and it encourages you to work harder at the training and start earning your premium back.

Conclusion and Recommendation

By this time, I am wondering if you need a conclusion. You know by now that I am definitely recommending Wealthy Affiliates to you. The Wealthy Affiliate education materials alone are worth the money. the updates also keep you on top of your game once you have gained the experience. Other platforms do not provide web hosting and keyword tools. This is extra cost and sometimes difficult to navigate if you don’t know what you are doing.